Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iPhone Controlled LED Suit In Action

Here is a compilation video I threw together showing my LED suit in action this past weekend at Dragon*Con 2010 in Atlanta. More build reports, photos, and video to come soon.


  1. What material did you end up using for the outer diffusion layer?

  2. Hey Marc! sweet suit?! Where can i get one? email me: wtan76@gmail.com...I'm actually in the LED business and a friend of mine forward me your vid. I def would like to talk to you. cheers, WiL

  3. I would really like to purchase one of these. Please send me an email if this is possible: tbsaron@gmail.com

  4. hi marc

    even though i´m not the first i do have the same reason for contacting you - your crazy suit.

    i hope you will read this comment and you´ll have the time to answer.

    i´m going to go to a big event where your suit would be the perfect eyecatcher.
    can i buy one, or can i rent one? i do need it just for 24 hours. i could send it back to you right afterwards.

    let me know whats possible, please.

    hope to hear from you.

    thanks a lot

  5. I'm building something similar (poke around http://frabjousdei.net for bits and pieces) and I'm interested in what you're using for a battery. The LED strips I'm using draw about 6A going full-bore, which is quite a lot of juice.

  6. I would love to possibly buy 3 of these led suits. please email me any info you might have or a way to contact you. Thanks so much for your time. Awesome job on the design work! We need to have some of these!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hey I'm from Norway. I would like to buy one of those contact me if it can be done

    I will pay well


  8. hello Im brasilian,
    i want buy this t-shirt
    contact me please

  9. Hello I am throwing a full moon party in Tonga. Wanna know about buying these suits.. write me at regattavavau@gmail.com if you can help out.

  10. Hey Marc, I'm working on building one of these. Email me if you could help me with some of the finer details... code, schematics, or any advice would be greatly appreciated: david@allstruck.com

  11. same here give me a starting point i am setting it up for a wedding suit! i got approval from all required parties (bride and groom) also id like to integrate a clapper into the system. BHazard3KGT@gmail.com

  12. Very interested in buying one of these suits. Can you email me so we could talk. David@vipautony.com

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