Wednesday, September 1, 2010

iPhone Controlled LED Suit - Quick Demo


  1. Hi Marc,

    I love what you are doing. We like your iPhone controlled LED suit very much!
    We could use these suits for some shows we are doing in Europe.
    Can you pls contact me:
    Thx, Michael

  2. Marc,

    I have an idea on how to market/sell your suit. You should embed it in motorcycle jackets/or suits! A rider's biggest problem is other drivers who can't SEE the rider. This is especially bad at night.

    You might wear your invention as a vest outside of clothing'd have to be water proof though. Hell imagine a version of this going inlife preservers. This is a great invention you've made. Good Luck!

  3. in case my last sentence didn't make preservers on people at the lake or in the ocean.

  4. Just wanted to give you a shout-out for your one-man badassery putting this together. Best of luck with Xachi and your kickass suit.

  5. I love this and I'm really interested in it.. love to ask you about it if you have time. thanks!

  6. Hi Marc.

    Great job with this costume ! I'm a swiss guy and live in a town with a local "famous" carnival and would love to have/build such a costume (10 costumes for 10 people), without the iphone app. We have about 130$ budget per person.

    Would you build and sell us 10 costumes ? or help us building them (we are not tech guys..) ? or give us advices ?

    It would be great. Don't hesitate to contact me at : florian.doche(a)


  7. like everyone else said.. id really like to buy one of your suits.. or attempt to make my own.. if you did a detailed supply list and instruction video that would be AWESOME!!!!!

  8. Also interested in purchasing the hardware. Would love to build my own suit and get involved with the Arduino.
    Please, any info would be great!

  9. I am interested in possibly purchasing one of your suits. Please contact me at


  10. Dear Marc,

    Im interested in possibility buying one. Please contact me via email:

    thanks in advance.

  11. hey, great suit, please email me, im intersted in paying you to make one for me. or

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